Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Trees..

Thank you to Katie Olsen at for this fun tidbit:

How do baby trees tie in to weddings? Well, this is really for you tree lovers and green people out there!
If you think the “wedding favor” is just too cliche, but would like to help out… oh, say… the planet, think about planting a tree for each of your guests or each family invited to your wedding. The benefits:-Helping to undo the damage humans have caused on the earth-Doing something nice for the world-Helping to support the economy-It’s something your littlest guests can track (who knows, perhaps it could be the first step in turning them into future environmentalists)-It’s something the whole family can do together-It’s NOT something that will sit on a shelf (or go straight into the trash) after the wedding
How it works:-Go to the site, with the little fellow that pops up-Pick one of three types of trees and watch the little fellow plant your virtual tree.-Turn the virtual tree into a real tree by purchasing one for $5.50.-Track the growth of your baby tree using Google Earth!
If you do this far enough in advance (it takes a while for the seed to sprout and for someone to plant it), you can have access information cards ready for your guests to take home with them so they can start viewing right away!

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