Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Wedding Day and Inspiration...

I met Jordon and Susan in late November and knew there was something special about them! They both seemed to have a commitment and vision they were submitting their lives to. But, not until the day of the wedding and meeting their family and hearing their shared stories about them did I get more of a glimpse of their loving characters and their lives and their love for their friends and family and now their love for each other!!

Susan graduated from medical school last May and is currently in her first of three years in residency at one of the hospitals in Jefferson City. She is a Doctor of Osteopathy specializing in Family Practice. It was shared how Susan was the one to take the unmarked road more than not...just to experience what was at the end! She brought rounds of laughter, but was so reserved in getting in front of the camera or taking any special attention…despite it being HER DAY! =)
Jordon is a Captain (CPT) in the United States Army Military Police Corps. He has served in numerous Company Grade position from Platoon Leader to Company Commander. He spent over 2 years in S. Korea; serving in the 2nd Military Police Company (2nd Infantry Division) and was the last Military Police Officer to command a post in the United Nations Joint Security Area (JSA). Jordon then traveled to Fort Leonard Wood, MO where he just finished command about six months ago.
Jordon is currently undergoing training for National Police Transition Team (NPTT) in which he will serve in either Afghanistan or Iraq in the near future.
Jordon has distinguished himself through his dedication to hard work and passion for his Soldiers. Never one to leave good enough alone; Jordon has earned the coveted Sapper tab,
Airborne School and Special Reaction Team training.

The stories from their family and friends brought tears of laughter and inspiration. The ceremony was held at The Jewel Box in Forest Park and delivered a message of submission to a greater good, one that makes you confident in living your own life better for witnessing it. Their reception took place at The St. Louis Art Museaum, Griggs Hall catered by Wolfgan Puck and was truly a celebration of love for the ones who had shared in their lives thus far!

I have confidence that Jordan and Susan's life together will be filled with many more unmarked but inspirational roads! Many blessings and love to them and their families for giving me the privilege of sharing their amazing day!

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