Friday, February 19, 2010

The Pivac Family

This post has taken a while to get up. I love my work and I'm thankful every day for what I do. However, I am not a writer and this project certainly moved me so I apologize to the Pivac's.Angie Pivac called me in January for family portraits and was urgent in setting a date soon. Sara, her daughter had gotten her braces off and her husband Mike was getting ready to start aggressive chemo. Immediately meeting the family, I could see they were blessed with love, compassion, and a family unity and strength that was palpable. The family knew the odds weren't good for Mike to go into remission, however, the family wasn't prepared for him to die in a day due to infection. In the short time knowing them and what Angie has shared, I am inspired by the family's strength and their obvious faith through this horrific loss and monumental change to all their lives. I was blessed and honored to work with them.

Michael Thomas Pivac
August 4, 1958-February 3, 2010

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